Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad, a mercy to the end of time.

Everyone will have their own idol. The same goes for me. My parents are my inspiration and I made the prophet Muhammad as an idol in me. Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet sent by God to lead his followers to the truth, and to the right path. Prophet Muhammad has certain privileges which, the Prophet Muhammad s. a. w. is the first man created by God Almighty, when Adam was in a state of soul and his body. In addition, God has decided that all the prophets from Adam till Jesus bound by the promise that they will believe and defend or assist the Prophet s. a. w.

At the time of his birth s. a. w. His mother saw the light flashing light on the grand palaces of Syria. When he was 12 years old, while he was walking in the middle of blazing hot sun, there are cumulus that cover him and never happened when he saw the progress and to take shelter under a tree, the tree is moving closer to him. When he was a child, when he was playing, the angel which is Jibrail came to slit his chest and his heart pure. In addition, Muhammad s.a.w can see something behind it clearly as if he had seen from the front.
Meanwhile, at night the darkness, Muhammad s. a. w. can see a clear and bright as if like he was viewing them on the day. His saliva s. a. w. can make a salty sea water into fresh. He only sleep with their eyes, while his heart still is not sleeping and his s. a. w. never evaporate.

As men! Muhammad s.a.w. we must remember and love our Prophet, as we saw with an appreciation of the fact, or in other words it should be appreciated by all those who believe all the time, not only at certain times or certain seasons like he's remembering only in the month of Rabi 'al-Awal this time. At most only a commemoration of Prophet s.a.w. in the months Maulid is more specific because of his most famous person in history who was born on Monday 12 Rabi Awal of the elephant. In the human condition and environment are being washed away and lost in the mainstream of Ignorance, people who are already in hell fire, when people kill each other, at times people forget the real God to worship idols, do not recognize the fact that the religion brought by previous prophets and deviated from the true teachings.
In the midst of this situation, the radiation and light-born Muslims carried by the messenger of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad's The sacred teachings were brought by a messenger of God chosen, it all comes from Allah swt and his inspirations which aims to encourage people to save their worship to God alone, and keep away from the false teachings and wrong.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Sunsilk Shampoos come in a range of different products for all different hair types. One of the product from Sunsilk Shampoo is Care and Repair. It is for dry and damage hair, while for Color and Shine is for colored hair. Silky and Straight for frizzy hair while Anti Itch is for sensitive scalps, Anti Flat for lifeless hair, Waves and Curls for curly hair, Respect and Shine for hair that is in good condition and the last one is Fresh For Longer for greasy hair. They also do shampoo for different types of colored hair such as Lively Blonde, Passionately Red and Deeply Brunette. The one I am reviewing is the Fresh for Longer shampoo as I have a greasy hair and need to wash it everyday.

As most of us know that, hair is important for women and in today’s world it has become important to men as well. Hair is part of our appearance. People can judge someone by looking at their physical appearance and usually women are love to look good wherever they are and even myself, I always want to look nice. Who in this earth don’t want to look good ? For those people out there, who got hair problem, it is good to try Sunsilk Shampoos. Every person may do not have the same problem as the others and this is why Sunsilk are offering you different products to be try and may help you to solve your problem.

I have been used this shampoo since I was eighteen. This shampoo created a lovely creamy lather as soon as it came into contact with my hair, I felt like it was giving my hair a really good clean. The smell stayed strong throughout the wash and I could still smell the lovely fruity smell slightly as I dried my hair afterwards. Sunsilk claims to remove the oil build up that causes greasy hair and to keep hair grease free for 48 hours. My hair certainly did feel lovely and clean afterwards and was surprisingly manageable, many shampoos I have tried other products besides Sunsilk but it does not satisfied me, but since I used Sunsilk, my hair is become better than before and may be chemicals of the Sunsilk itself suitable with my hair. My hair stayed clean and manageable all day after using Sunsilk first thing in the morning and I would have been happy going out in the evening without re washing it, which is what I would normally do but the next morning was a different story.

Sunsilk Shampoo is widely available in most supermarkets in Malaysia and for your information this product has become number one shampoos in Malaysia. You can get it from Tesco or Jusco, Giant etc. Normally the cost of Sunsilk Shampoo is around RM 10 and above and I think it is affordable price compare to the other products. Sunsilk Shampoo is also come with the conditioner. Sunsilk comes in a 300ml bottle in a collection of energetic colors such as Care and Repair in orange, Color and Shine in red, Silky and Straight in purple, Anti Itch in peach, Anti Flat in blue, Waves and Curls in green, Respect and Balance in pink, and Fresh For Longer in turquoise. The top is easy to open with wet hands which is good.

Definitely Sunsilk Shampoo is a great shampoo and based on my story above, I would like to recommend you and my friends to try Sunsilk Shampoo in the range that is most suited to their hair type. They also have a website where you can enter details of your hair and they will recommend the best product in their range for your hair type.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


With the combination of my father sperms and my mother ovum, here I am. writing about myself to be heard by other people about my life journey . I was delivered by my mother on 29th June 1990 in Hospital Rawatan Islam,Kuala Lumpur . According to my birth certificate I was born on Monday and it was about 3 am in the morning .I got five siblings including myself and I am the fourth .I got two brothers , one sister and one little sister . I love to surf internet and I can spend almost a day in front of my laptop. I love to download movies and songs. Besides that, I can read newspaper through the internet. I think it is good for me to spend my time in front of my laptop than spend my time doing unnecessary things. Shopping is my second hobby. I always go shopping with my sisters and sometimes with my best friends. When I am stress, I will go out with my friends to shop and it really helps me to reduce my stress. I love black, for me black is simple and it can suit with other colors and most of my clothes are black.

I am a type of person that is easy to be friend with. I am a happy person and even though I got problems I will not show them to the people around me. I would like to settle my problem by my self but if it is too difficult for me to handle, my best friend is the person who wlill always be there for me to give advises and opinions. I am a person who has a fragile heart and easy to get emotional. I love laksa very much especially laksa air hitam in Penang. When I studied in Kedah, me and my friends always spent our weekend at Penang since Kedah got nothing there and Penang is the only place that we can have some fun and release our tension. Everyone has their own favourite types of music. Some types of music that I love to listen to are electro, trance and r&b . When I listen to those music, I feel better when I am not in the mood. I love to do a lot of research about artist that I love. I love Armin Van Buuren because of his music. His lyrics are meaningful. My favorite band is Boys 2 men. I bet everyone has their own experience and I got mine too. When I was in form five, I got involved in one of the dramas under Erma Fatimah production and I become an extra actress as a model for photo shoot. It is a new experience for me to work under film production. That is all about me, Nur Maizurah binti Ameerudeen.